OZ & Sparco

OZ & Sparco



OZ & Sparco, two of the most prestigious brands in World motorsport continue to develop their longstanding and special relationship through a project which dates back to the first OZ Sparco wheel produced in 1985.


OZ and Sparco share unique synergy: both synonymous with Italian quality, style and performance on a global level. In 2008 the shared pursuit of ‘Racing DNA’ and a passion for performance re-ignited an ambitious project to develop and produce a complete new range of Wheels under the Sparco name. The project has gone from strength to strength based on the mutual pursuit of strong values:

• Design and technology by OZ, the most prestigious wheel brand worldwide with over 150 victories in professional motorsport over the last 30 years

• Important worldwide distribution synergy and a top level customer service, thanks to the extensive structure and worldwide presence of both companies

• OZ and Sparco leading role in the world of racing through performance and safety

• The worldwide presence and awareness of Sparco in the tuning market.

• Total safety and quality by OZ: all Sparco wheels are TUV certified and tested by the most demanding quality procedures as applied by OZ ( OZ is the only aftermarket wheel company that utilize the LBF test, the most stringent and demanding test of wheel engineering in the industry. Only OZ and a handful of OEM possess this technology (LBF Fraunhofer Search German Institut patent).

• A range of exclusive and innovative designs that combine the image and values of both brands in an extensive wheel collection.